Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus for Sale – Only 400 USD


Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus for Sale – Only 400 USD. Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus is a global admin account that can create 1K users A1 Plus. Office 365 Offline can be installed for free for computers.

Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus Features

Office 365 A1 is an enhanced version of Office 365 A1. Granted at no cost to eligible schools. Office 365 A1+ comes with email, video conferencing, a custom hub for classroom teamwork with Microsoft Teams, information protection and compliance tools. The advantages of Office A1+ are mentioned as:

  • OneDrive storage up to 5TB. (Gmail only 15GB)
  • Use full license of Office 365 for 15 devices including (5 computers or Mac, 5 Android devices and 5 iOS devices)
  • Use Outlook with your own domain. Up to 100GB mailbox storage (Gmail only 15GB)

How to payment?

You can payment via USDT or Paypal. It’s very convenient and simple!

Global Admin A1 Plus selling price

With an A1 Plus Admin account, you will have 1,000 A1 Plus license users. Has a perpetual use period that does not expire. The current selling price of Admin A1 Plus account is 400 USD. Login warranty.

To buy an account, you can contact me for support.

Thank you for your trust.

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