Where to buy Google Meet Premium at a cheap and reliable price?

27/02/2024 08:39 210

Google Meet Premium license with unlimited call time and increased number of participants can help you have more stable online meetings and classes for only 14 USD/year. This is a very cheap price for a useful software. What is Google Meet?  Google Meet is a free video communication app launched in March 2017 by Google. […]

The two most effective cheap Dropbox alternatives

17/07/2023 00:58 505

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services, but it’s not the only one. There are many other options that offer different features, prices and security levels. In this article, we will compare two of the best cheap Dropbox alternatives: Google Drive and OneDrive. Google Drive cheap alternatives Dropbox Google Drive is probably […]

Renting a Multcloud account to copy cloud data Online

23/02/2023 22:30 709

With a Multcloud rental account you can copy unlimited cloud data online. Extremely convenient without hanging the computer, saving time & costs. 1. What is Multicloud? Outstanding features of Multcloud. a. About Multcloud Multcloud is a solution to help manage, copy and move data between Drive Clouds. You can move, copy online data without hanging […]

How to change your SharePoint domain name?

24/08/2022 14:13 1547

If your organization has gone through a rebranding, merger, or acquisition and needs to change the domain in your SharePoint and OneDrive URLs, you can now do this using PowerShell. For example, if your organization name changed from Contoso to Fabrikam, you can now change your SharePoint URLs from contoso.sharepoint.com to fabrikam.sharepoint.com. How to change your SharePoint domain […]

How to fix your organization’s Google Account has been suspended

15/08/2022 16:49 1202

The error that your organization’s Google Workspace account has been suspended is a common user error today when Google starts charging for Gsuite Free. Why G Suite (Google Workspace) account is suspended Accounts are often locked because users do not comply with Google Workspace (G Suite) policies and terms of service during use. You can […]

Admin Gsuite Nonprofits Lifetime – best price in 2022

07/03/2022 01:14 1698

Global Admin Gsuite Nonprofits is a free version Gsuite account for nonprofits. Get free access to the powerful Google Apps suite and many more nonprofit offers. What is Gsuite Nonprofits? Gsuite Nonprofit is a free Google product for Nonprofits. With a free powerful Google Apps app and some features specially designed for Nonprofits. These tools […]

Team Drive 5TB – New solution for safe storage & teamwork

27/01/2022 23:53 1601

With a new storage solution based on Google’s Team Drive. You can use cheap high-capacity storage right on your existing Gmail account. No need to create a new account, no more risk of being locked out by purchasing an Education account. What is Google Team Drive 5TB? Origin of Team Drive account 5TB Google Team […]

Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus for Sale – Only 400 USD

27/01/2022 20:10 1855

Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus for Sale – Only 400 USD. Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus is a global admin account that can create 1K users A1 Plus. Office 365 Offline can be installed for free for computers. Global Admin Office 365 A1 Plus Features Office 365 A1 is an enhanced version of […]

Sell Global Admin Microsoft 365 Business Basic Free 20 User

27/01/2022 20:02 1824

Selling Global Admin Microsoft 365 Business Basic super cheap price only 100 USD for 20 user free forerver. Each user has 5TB of free OneDrive data storage. Renews annually for 0d. What is Microsoft 365 Business Basic? Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud designed to help each of us get things done, in work and […]

Admin Gsuite Education Fundamentals for Sale: Prestige – Safety – Cheap

27/01/2022 18:55 1840

Admin Gsuite Education Fundamentals for Sale – Can be used as an email domain with unlimited users or large capacity up to 100TB. What is a Gsuite Education Admin account? Gsuite for Education or new name is Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals is a special version dedicated by Google for education worldwide with many special policies […]