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Global Admin Gsuite Nonprofits is a free version Gsuite account for nonprofits. Get free access to the powerful Google Apps suite and many more nonprofit offers.

What is Gsuite Nonprofits?

Gsuite Nonprofit is a free Google product for Nonprofits. With a free powerful Google Apps app and some features specially designed for Nonprofits. These tools can help Nonprofits find new donors and volunteers, be more productive, and get more people involved.

Gsuite Nonprofit
Gsuite Nonprofit

What perks does Gsuite Nonprofits include?

Free access to Google Apps. A variety of cloud programs that you can use for office administration, including Gmail, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Calendar, Presentations, Forms/Surveys, Calendar, Chat, Drive (a storage system) cloud) and Sites.
Google Ad Grants. You can get up to $10,000/month from AdWords ads to promote your website on Google.ca through keywords.

How much does Google Workspace for Nonprofits cost?

Currently dangnhatminh.com is selling Google Workspace for Nonprofits for 1.400  1.000 USD (one-time payment only). The account is handed over the highest administrative rights.

Contact to buy Google Workspace for Nonprofits

To buy an account or have questions or need further advice, you can contact me via:

Thank you for your trust.

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