How to fix your organization’s Google Account has been suspended


The error that your organization’s Google Workspace account has been suspended is a common user error today when Google starts charging for Gsuite Free.

Why G Suite (Google Workspace) account is suspended

Accounts are often locked because users do not comply with Google Workspace (G Suite) policies and terms of service during use. You can refer to Google Workspace (G Suite) terms of service here: https://workspace.google.com/terms/premier_terms.html

Prior to 2012, Google offered a free version of G Suite (aka the free version of Google Apps). As of 2012, Google stopped providing this version to new customers. Recently, Google started charging for this version, otherwise your account will be locked. Details of free G Suite terms of service can be found here: https://workspace.google.com/terms/standard_terms.html

When Google discovers that the account is in violation of the policy, it will send an email with content similar to the image attached below, but the email content is written in English, leading to some customers ignoring it and not handling it immediately.

How to fix your organization’s Google Account has been suspended

With breached and locked Google Workspace accounts, the only solution is to unlock it, get your data back and continue using it. You can contact me via Telegram http://t.me/dangnhatminh for support in unlocking your account and continuing to use it for free.

Thank you for your trust and follow.

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