Renting a Multcloud account to copy cloud data Online


With a Multcloud rental account you can copy unlimited cloud data online. Extremely convenient without hanging the computer, saving time & costs.

1. What is Multicloud? Outstanding features of Multcloud.

a. About Multcloud

Multcloud is a solution to help manage, copy and move data between Drive Clouds. You can move, copy online data without hanging your computer. The supported clouds are extremely diverse. MultCloud can be viewed as a “bridge” to the cloud storage services that you have an account on. Thereby you can comfortably manage, and transfer data between cloud accounts.

Wide range of cloud storage supported
Wide range of cloud storage supported

b. Outstanding features of Multcloud

Firstly,  Multcloud works completely Online. You only need to log in once to the Dashboard of the program, Multcloud will collect all your Cloud Drive accounts in one place, can view, delete, share, move data from this account. quickly to another account. The management of the App is like the Cloud that you are using (Google Drive, Dropbox, ..) works directly on the web, no need to download, no machine space.

Second,  Multcloud can manage a lot of Clouds on the same account. I know you guys here use multiple Drives of different parties to store and backup data. If you need an App that can manage them all, Multcloud is a reasonable choice. Multcloud supports many popular Personal Clouds and Business Clouds today (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., you can refer to the Cloudkits that Multcloud supports in the picture below).

The third  is the most important, Multcloud supports moving and synchronizing data between Clouds completely Fully automatic, you only need to set up once the system will automatically run like a mechanical watch. At the end of each task, there will be an email notification and a log file to check. As I used, there are 4 options to configure according to needs: Transfer, Team Transfer, Sync, Cloud Backup….

2. Should buy Multcloud or not?

Depending on the actual needs of each person, we can decide to buy a Multcloud perpetual license or not. You can buy if you have needs such as:

  • Copy data across the cloud in great demand, continuously.
  • Want to be proactive & private data personal.

In addition, if your needs only copy a few times, there is no need to use it continuously, you can choose to rent a Multcloud account for 2 weeks, 1 month, … without buying to save costs.

3. The benefits of renting Multcloud

A simple solution to help you fully use Multcloud’s premium features without purchasing is to rent Multcloud.

  • Unlimited usage.
  • Copy data Online, turn off the computer and still copy.
  • Stable copy speed, clear report after copying.
  • Cost savings compared to buying directly.
  • Only from 5 USD – 10USD for a huge amount of data.
Cho thuê tài khoản Multcloud sao chép dữ liệu đám mây Online

4. How much is Multcloud rental?

Multcloud 1 week rental price is 5USD. Plz contact me to rental:

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