How to Purchase Crypto by XanPool? Coinex Support XanPool Payment


Purchase Crypto by XanPool is very simple. Check out tutorial.

What should I do before using XanPool on CoinEx?

1. Register your CoinEx account:

Please refer to this article for help: How to register and sign in to your CoinEx account?

2. Complete 2FA verification binding of your CoinEx account:

Before Purchase Crypto by XanPool, it’s mandatory to bind Google Authenticator or phone number for the security of your assets. Here are the guidelines:
How to bind a phone number?
How to bind Google Authenticator?

3. Register XanPool account and complete ID verification: 

Before using XanPool, you need to register your XanPool account and complete ID verification.

4. XanPool Support

If you’ve encountered any issues when using XanPool, please refer to the FAQ or contact XanPool Customer Support for further assistance.

How to purchase crypto by XanPool?

1. Visit the CoinEx website, and click [Fiat] on the top after signing in to your CoinEx account successfully.mceclip10.png

2. Choose the fiat currency and cryptocurrency, and enter the amount. (Example: using 14599 INR to buy BTC)mceclip12.png

3. Select XanPool and click [Buy].mceclip13.png

4. Confirm the order information and click [Buy] to proceed.mceclip5.png

5. Reconfirm the order information and click [Buy] again to jump to the XanPool page.mceclip6.png

6. Choose [Payment Method] and click [Next] to the next step.mceclip7.png

7. Log in to your XanPool account.mceclip8.png

8. Upload your documents for ID verification.mceclip9.png

9.  After confirming your order, click [Xchange] then you can log in to your account to check the assets.mceclip1.png

Thanks you!

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